Monday, September 25, 2006


1. We supported you when you launched your military campaigns2. We defended you when you were in exile3. We hailed you during our Cedar Revolution4. We cheered you the day of your return5. We voted for you in the parliamentary elections
We find out now that:
1. You learned nothing from your mistakes2. You allied yourself with the worst rogue politicians3. You played politics as lousily as you lead your troops on the battlefield4. You belittled our Cedar Revolution's dreams and aspirations5. You diverted our support to serve your personal ambitions
Your actions, willingly or unwillingly:
1. Left the insolent Emile Lahoud in Baabda2. Emboldened Hizbollah in his catastrophic agenda3. Insulted the memory of Rafik, Samir, Gibran and all the independence martyrs4. Reinforced Syria's bullying on Lebanon
Because our deception is as high as the hopes we had placed in you,Because, as for all politicians, you must be held accountable to the people and to your electorate,Because we still have a small hope that you will see this as a warning and will change course,
We wish to cry out loud to our fellow citizens and to the world:

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