Sunday, September 03, 2006


A couple decides to go golfing at the best golf course in their state. While playing, the husband tells his wife to be very careful, as there were many houses along the golf course. But the wife swings her club and the ball smashes through one of the glasses of the biggest house on the course. So the husband and wife decided to go and apologize to the owner of the house. When they reached the house they found a glass bottle lying on the floor broken into hundreds of pieces. They found an old man sitting in his rocking chair and greeted the couple inside. He said, "I am a genie and I would like to thank you for breaking me free from this bottle. I would like to grant you 2 wishes, but the 3rd wish is mine." So the husband says "I want a private aircraft for myself." The wife said she would like a house in every single country. The genie says for the past 200 years he has never had sex and would like to make love to the lady. So they both agree and the genie takes the lady up and begins having sex. Then he asks the lady "How old is your husband?" She replies "47." "And he still believes in genies?"

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