Tuesday, February 05, 2013

When life gives you LEMON ...

When life gives you LEMON,
Go to Lebanon change its color to Orange, get some stupid follower, start a movement call it “tayyar” so to make people fear you, “watani” since it is 100% Lebanese and for Lebanon benefits “Horr” because you are not controlled by anyone such as Syria or Hezbollah, until you become president and change it to a party (allah la y2addir). You will later find out that there are still smart people among your religion and others that don’t trust you. You open a TV for your first daughter & name it Orange TV and start brainwashing your follower and try brain washing others. You will soon find out that you need money for the elections, after you have spent all what poor Gilbert & Abbees had gave you to make them MPs, so you give the ministry of Energy to your son in law (“Taka”, although ma 3indo wala taka) and the ministry of Communications to another “miss communicated person” promising him a Parliament membership in the next elections, in order for both to start stealing money from the government and calling it “isla7”, and to back them up with their delusions you will open an advertising agency for your second daughter & name it Clementine so they can market their lies and of course steal even more money and make people believe exactly the opposite of what they should (LebanON/OFF) here comes “taghyeer”. You will fail in all of this so you decide to fuckup the economy maybe people will forget their headache when their legs are broken, so you ask your minister of tourism “the brain” to ruin the season with his smart decisions (such as No Smoking Law & UAE Conspiracies) and fuckup tourism, the backbone of Lebanon GDP!! Now your followers are fed up of your “Shiit” and your allies are fed up of your “Shit” and started feeling that you are becoming a burden and you are pulling them down with you they are trying to get rid of you by using your ignorance and stupidity and that looks promising.
Mr. “General” your Orange is turning “Yellow” shaklak staweit wsar baddak 2atif ya m3attar!!
And you still think that there is someone stupid enough to try to assassinate make a hero out of you ya baba!!

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Ktir awiyeh shrik