Sunday, April 02, 2006


After 35 years of work in postal services, the postman is preparing for retirement and he is working his last day as a postman. One family gave him a pen as a gift, another one gave him a key tab, and when he rings at the third door, the door opens and a glamorous blonde appears, holds him by his hand, and takes him to the bedroom where they spent two hours in the craziest sex. After the shower she feeds him breakfast (eggs withham and orange juice) and gives him $5. During the meal, he was delirious and asks: "Can you explain all of this to me?!?" The Blonde says: "Yesterday, I told my husband that our postman is going to retire and we need to offer him something, and he replies: 'Fuck him ... give him 5 dollars!’ the breakfast though was my idea!!!"

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