Friday, January 13, 2006

Homsi Strategy

Two Men from Homos (Syria) were strolling along the main shopping street of Hamra in Beirut when they see a sign:
-Suits: LL 5,000 each-Shirts: LL 2,000 each-Trousers: LL 2,500 per pairOne says to his pal. "Hey, Look! These Lebanese must be stupid. We could buy a whole load of those, and when we get back to Homos, we could make us a fortune! "Now listen up. When we go into the shop you keep your mouth shut, eh! "Just let me do all the talking, because if they hear our accent, they might try to rip us off. I'll be given them my best Lebanese accent." They went in and the guy says, "Excuse me sir, I'll take 50 of your fine suits at LL 5 000 each, 100 shirts at LL 2 000 each, and 50 pair of trousers at LL 2 500 each. And I'll be taking those items with me today, if you don't mind." The owner of the shop interrupts, "You guys are from Homos, aren't you?"
"Yes" says the Homsi, "how come you know?" The owner says, "Because this is a dry-cleaner HABIB ALBI

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