Monday, December 31, 2012

A short & touching story

     One day a twenty five years old girl was going back to her house in Dahieh, to find a suspicious young man sitting in his car in front of the entrance watching her. First she was afraid but after seeing him there day after day she became used to it, and the guy was a gentleman, he was so respectful that his head was always down; he even never looked up while she passes. Although it was irritating; but in fact, the young girl started to like the idea of someone that dedicated, sitting there day in day out just to take a glimpse at her.
After sometime the girl started falling in love especially that she was in her marriage age. So she started wondering why he never tries to come to her house and ask her father to marry her if he is that in love. She thought, maybe it is because of the financial difference since his car was so old, and her house was so luxurious, or is he still not sure of his feeling, but he stays there long hours even after she goes inside the house and sometimes she sleeps and he is still there.
Until one day and after more than two months on this, she gathered all her powers and went towards his car, her heart was beating like crazy; he wasn’t that good looking from near but never the less she bent down and asked him “why are you always in front of my house sir?” He looked at her with his eyes wide open and full of happiness, excitement and wonders and said “the Wi.Fi. connection at your place is so fuck’n fast woman!!”

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