Friday, October 07, 2011

Lebanon Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders in Lebanon makes Jeita caves insignificant and makes you wonder.

1- A Parliament representatives, that should be representing the public and should have been elected by the same public and the public has no clue who they are or how they even look like.

2- A public security service that is not allowed to defend or secure the public, the same public that voted and paying the salary of the same “MP”s who nobody knows.

3- A very smart Minister, never even elected once by his public, jumping and proving himself between ministries, but very well known; who can make wonders happen through his wife’s ad agency without spending a penny.

4- An MP who can shift from one pole to the other during 24 hrs more than once, and end up gaining the same stupid public, the same public who elected him for his “Beliefs and Goals”!!

5- A Resistance that helps the enemy and kills the public, yes the same public.

6- A Murderer, who kills a “PM”, couple of “MP”s, an “M” and a couple of hundreds of “P”s, and yet has the choice whether to be on trial or not.

7- A University President who doesn’t know any foreign language, not French, not English not even Persian. I guess he can be easily a “Municipality President” or even a Minister as long as he masters the “YES” word.Well that’s what we call in Lebanon “Reform & Change”!!

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