Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The (butt)crack of Beirut welcomes you

A sign in Beirut reads: “The hole of Beirut Municipality Welcomes you.”
Here’s one way to vent your frustration over the canyon-sized craters dotting the roads of Beirut.
Someone put up a sign just in front of the Audi showroom in Qarantina that reads, “The crack of Beirut Municipality Welcomes you.”
I interpret the signage to mean “butt crack” of Beirut because, like the unsightly wedge of skin that pops out of plumber’s pants: no one wants to see that.
Wonder how long it will take before the sign gets removed.
The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and the Interior Ministry are both responsible for road upkeep in Lebanon.
Alas, the cabinet formation continues to stall and the country is without a government -- not that road maintenance would be anywhere near the top of the priority list, but you know…
Meanwhile, if you spot a pothole in Lebanon, you can report it on the

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