Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Like Father Like Son!

On February 27 1995, the Lebanese people woke up to find banners all around them accusing Dr. Samir Geagea of the “Saydet Al-Najat” church blast. I can’t forget that moment when I saw the banner right in front of our building next to the Syrian Intelligence post, and turned to my Dad and asked him, “What happened? What did Dr. Geagea do now?!!” At the same time, my Mom called us to watch the TV, and there was LBC covering the blast aftermath, which had just happened 15 min ago.
Right away Mr. Assad was on the radio pointing his finger also to the Lebanese Forces headed by Dr. Samir Geagea.

Dear Mr. Asad if you have the time machine, please give it back, I need it and you know why!!

By the way Bash, very well played bro. You have one great stage manager & director, and the cues! the cues man were excellent, the applause man “chapeau bas” ya3tee 1000 3afieh, and the supporting actors, WOW, great timing and good pronunciation and projection too.

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