Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walid Jumblat most recent facebook activities

Walid is now friend with Hassan Nasrallah, Ahmadi Najad, Bashar Asad and 2 other friends
Walid and 65 other friends likes basher status “Lebanon here I come”
Walid wrote on the wall of the 14 March “so long suckers”
Walid left the group 14 March
Walid joined the group 8 March
Walid wrote on the group 8 March wall “nice group guys”
Walid fucked: Taymour, Aslan, Dalia (they became wled kalb), Kamal Jumblat heritage, Kamal Jumblat memory (yalli khallaf mitil walid met w shibi3 mot), good PSP candidates, Good Druze, lots of Martyrs, Good Sunnis, Good Christians, Saad Hariri, Najib Mikati, Mohamad Safadi, Ghazi Aridi (they won’t see it anymore), and last but not least himself, so no need to say anymore FUCK YOU WALID BEIK!!

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