Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Vs Hezbollah

The Difference between Israel (lead by Ehud Olmart) Vs Gaza in Dec 2008 & Hezbollah (lead by Hassan Nasrallah) Vs Lebanon in May 2008 is that:

- Israel killed 1000 enemy in 18 days on an average of 55 Palestinians per day / Hezbollah killed 110 fellow countrymen in 2 days on an average of 55 Lebanese per day.
- Israel‘s purpose was to defend its people and land, Hezbollah’s purpose was to defend its arms and communication land line.
- Both fight on others land.
- Both exist due to religious reasons while both are illegal.
- Both are allies with Qatar, where they resolved their issues.
- Both are minorities on earth and hated by everyone else.
A wise man once said Hezbollah are the same as Israelis. I tell him today that he stands corrected they are even worse than that, for in July 2006 they even helped those Israelis and gave them a reason to kill more than 1000 & Injure more than 3000 Lebanese, Destroy more than 5000 house and building, and dispersed more than 8000 family and yet declared it a victory, But on whom till this day nobody knows! The worst of all is they are destroying Lebanese owned businesses where Lebanese employees work and try to feed their families thinking that in this way they are fighting Zionism, have you ever seen something more stupid!!

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have you ever seen something more stupid!!