Tuesday, March 28, 2006


90% Ha!! Let us see…
There are 4,000,000 Lebanese in Lebanon, 35% (1,400,000) of which are under 18, whom even if they changed the law are not allowed to vote, leaving us with 2,600,000 Lebanese, 2% (50,000) of which are in Jails, Hospitals, or can’t leave their homes. Leaving us with 2,550,000 Lebanese, 15% (400,000) of which are in the Army and Police who can’t vote either, leaving us with 2,150,000. 1,000,000 of which were in 14 of January Demonstration, Leaving us with 1,150,000 Lebanese, 5% (60,000) of which couldn’t come that day, Leaving Mr. President with 1,090,000 Lebanese, 890,000 of which are under Nasralla’s Spell, and 300,000 = 90% “on Mars maybe” who just love the orange color.

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