Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who killed Joubran Touaini?

Joubran Touaini was assassinated today, but this time Syria has nothing to do with it.
We killed him, the fuckin stupid lebanese people killed him, stupid Amal and Hezbollah killed him, our fuckin stupid asshole president who is sitting in his fancy castle on his fancy ass killed him.

How we killed him??
We killed him by, by staying silent and keeping Lahoud in his place.
This time I'm with Syria, because a Chinese man once said: "you will be a donkey if you have a donkey and don't ride it".
So until we come together once again, with no personal goals "mnistehal" all that is happening to us, Lim3attar Joubran, wgairo wgairo tol3it bi rason.

So put Religion for once aside, and lets Fuck Syria. (Orgy)

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Xylocaine said...

ok..let's fuck syria orgy but don't turn the lights of;)